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It’s about making Internet safe and this requires a new approach.

The Menlo Security isolation Platform (MSIP) eliminates malware from key attack vectors including web and email. Available as a public cloud service or for deployment in the user’s data center, the MSIP allows organisations to deploy isolation technology at scale to open up more of the web to users while simultaneously eliminating the risk of infection by web-borne malware.

The MSIP eliminates the possiblity of malware reching user devices via compromised or malicious web sites or documents. The user’s web session and all active content (eg. Java, Flash etc.) whether good or bad, is fully executed and contained in the Isolation Platform. Only safe, malware-free rendering information is delivered to the user’s endpoint. No active content-including any potential malware – leaves the platform. So malware has no path to reach an endpoint, and legitimate content needn’t be blocked in the interest of security. Administrators can open up more of the Internet to their users while simultaneously eliminating the risks.


Web Isolation Service protects enterprises from cyber attacks

100% safety via isolation

Ground-breaking solution stops the never-ending search for risky content.

Seamless end-user experience

Safety empowers the digital workforce with a native user experience.

Cloud simplicity and scale

Reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating end-point software and out-dated appliances.

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The Hidden Cost of Web Security

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Web Isolation Service

Eliminates the risk of web-borne malware

  • No client software or plug-ins
  • Transparent user experience
  • No false positives or false negatives
  • Reduces administrative burden of handling web security policy exceptions
  • Works with any user device, OS and browser
  • Available as SaaS or software deployed in the data center
  • Integrates easily with existing web security gateways

The Menlo Security Web Isolation Service protects enterprises from cyber attacks by isolating and executing all web content in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, away from the endpoint, eliminating malware before it can reach user devices.

Document Isolation Service

View and download documents from the web without malware risk

  • View popular document types (pdf, doc, xls, ppt) without risk of infection from malware
  • Download safe versions of documents for offline viewing
  • Allow or block original source document downloads per policy
  • No client software or plug-ins
  • Transparent user experience
  • Works with any user device, OS and browser

The Menlo Security Document Isolation Service protects enterprises from cyber attacks by isolating and rendering the most common document types—including PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint—in the cloud away from endpoints, eliminating malware before it can reach user devices.

The hidden cost of web security

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Menlo Security named in the top 50 of Cyber Security startups who are securing our digital future.

TiEcon 2016

Menlo Security named 2016 TiE50 Top Start-up Winner by prestigious TiE50 Technology Awards Program.

2016 Security 100

Menlo Security recognised as 20 coolest web and security vendors.

Forbes Magazine

Menlo Security named Forbes’ Hottest Cybersecurity Startup in 2015.


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