Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows wins VB100 award

Kaspersky Lab product successfully blocked 100% of malware samples with no false
positives during professional Virus Bulletin comparative test.

Kaspersky Lab product successfully blocked 100% of malware samples with no false positives during professional Virus Bulletin comparative test

Kaspersky Lab is pleased to announce that its solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows won the VB100 award in April’s comparative testing of antivirus solutions by the internationally renowned Virus Bulletin magazine. The product successfully detected and blocked 100% of the most common malware samples without returning a single false positive.

The VB100 award is only given to solutions that comply with at least the basic security standards established for antivirus solutions. The ‘100’ confirms that the product proved 100% effective in detecting and blocking malicious programs from the so-called WildList, a continuously updated database of current viruses, Trojans and other types of malware.

Virus Bulletin testing was conducted on a PC running Windows XP Professional SP3. Although the testing did not use the very latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, it still replicated conditions which are frequently found on home and corporate computers all over the world. Different independent experts have concluded that Windows XP retains 30-40% of the market share for operating systems. Statistics from Kaspersky Lab’s cloud service Kaspersky Security Network, used by over 60 million users around the world, support this. According to Kaspersky Security Network, as of the end of April 2013, over 30% of subscribers were using PCs running Windows XP – the vast majority of them XP Professional.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows took its place alongside 39 rival security solutions in the test. The Kaspersky Lab product successfully identified all malware samples both in On Demand (when the user manually selects a group of files to be scanned by the solution) and On Access (requires the protection solution to identify and block malware in a group of files being copied) tests. Moreover, the solution did not generate a single false positive.

“Once again we are proud that our corporate product has been successfully certified by Virus Bulletin. The VB100 award recognizes our efforts to develop really effective antivirus technologies. We hope this award will be a reliable benchmark for companies that are currently in the process of selecting an advanced solution to protect their IT infrastructure,” said Nikita Shvetsov, Deputy CTO (Research) at Kaspersky Lab.

This is not the first time Kaspersky Endpoint Security has received praise from the experts at Virus Bulletin. In January 2012, Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows also produced a flawless performance in similar testing conducted by the distinguished magazine. In September of the same year Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 and our solution for home users Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 successfully passed antivirus testing by Virus Bulletin and were rated as “stable” – a rating awarded to reliable and effective solutions.

Details of VB100 test procedures, methodology and more can be found here.

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