Manly Sea Eagles Networking Function

George Vatis of Hemisphere Technologies with Jenny Owens the 2012 Winter Olympian.

Jenny is an Eagle Angel i.e “The Eagle Angels are a unique group of female high achievers. Besides excelling in their chosen fields, they all have one things in common; their love of Rugby League and their beloved Sea Eagles”

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About Jenny Owens

Jenny Owns (born 17 May 1978), from Sydney, Australia is an Australian freestyle skier currently living in Freshwater, New South Wales.

Owens competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Alpine, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Freestyle, 2 x FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, 6 years on the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup tour, 5 years FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cups, 2 x FIS Freestyle World Ski Champions and has competed in 4 Winter X Games winning the Bronze medal in the Skier 2012. Owens has been a member of the Australian Ski Cross Team for 8 years and previously was a member of the Australian Alpine Team for 7 years.

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