Firewall and Industrial VPN Security, with


“The number of connected devices – either corporate and private – is increasing every day. If not properly managed, any device is exposed to the attacks coming from the Internet. Your environment needs protection. What you do need is a simple solution that does not add any stress to your daily work and that secures your network maintaining its performance. No matter the size of your network or your core business, Endian can help.”

Taking liberty from their motto ‘Security with passion’, Endian are premium vendors in the UTM space with their Endian UTM security firewall distribution. Endian’s expertise extends to industrial applications with their ‘Endian 4i’ series of VPN architecture for healthcare, infrastructure and communications industries.



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The company today

Endian was founded in 2003 at Appiano, Italy, by a team of experienced network specialists. Finding its niche in the network security landscape, Endian’s goal and path of development was immediately clear: creating sophisticated UTM solutions by integrating open source technology. Now 10 years on, Endian’s motto ‘Security with Passion’ has paid dividends. Since the first release of its enterprise version, more than 4000 companies based in over 50 countries, have chosen Endian UTM as their firewall distribution of choice. Staying true to its roots, Endian Firewall community versions have seen more than 1.6m downloads.

Unique experience and knowledge

At which end to you break your egg? The big end or the small end? Such was triviality Jonathan Swift described in his 1976 satirical novel of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and in doing so coined the word ‘End-ian-ness’ or simply ‘Endian’. In Computing, the term ‘Endian’ has come to reference convention used when storing bytes in computer memory. “Big-endian systems” store the most significant byte in the small address first (and for Little-endian systems, vice versa).

Endian UTM (Unified Threat Management) offers a solution with a unique management experience: to deploy quickly, manage easily and stay flexible. Thousands of networks worldwide are already secured by Endian UTM, keeping organizations safe against data theft, viruses, spyware, spam and other Internet threats.

In addition to Endian UTM, the Endian 4i series offers a solution of ruggedized appliances for industrial environments with the Endian 4i Edge Industrial firewall series and Switchboard. Endian 4i systems are ideal for Machine-to-Machine communication and are of great help in monitoring, accessing and managing any kind of equipment by restricting access to authorized personnel only, as well as blocking and reporting (through logs) intrusion attempts. This product has to secure and encrypt communication Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) and filter harmful traffic. The management of such a complete solution has to be really simple, as SCADA networks become increasingly distributed over large territories.

Customers and partners

Endian delivers ‘Security with Passion’. Consolidation of managements, stability and ease of use. Speedy deployment, rapid scalability and productivity. Altogether, a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by offering the single vendor option. Endian security credentials bundle Network Security demands to include:

  • Application control at the gateway
  • IDS and IPS functionality
  • QoS and Bandwidth management capabilities in the UTM
  • DNS Proxy/Routing

In addition, Australian clients benefit from the Passion built into Endian UTMs architecture. Additional features include Endian UTMs Wireless Hotspot management – more that your standard wireless hotspot management; delegating free or charged tickets, integrating advertisements from hotspot providers or access payments integrated with paypal. Option to use ‘SmartConnect’ and directly send new users their ID and password! Endian wireless hotspot management is the ideal solution for hotels, airports, train stations, public squares and libraries.