Endian Hotspot Product Family

Your Customers’ satisfaction starts from the Hotspot

Endian Hotspot

Secure WIFI and BYOD connection integrated into a UTM solution

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Find the right UTM Solution for you

Endian Hotspot 150


Endian Hotspot 500


Endian Hotspot 1500


Until today available only as a whole UTM solution

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The Hotspot in a secure network

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Hotspot only perimetral security relies on a third party technology

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Endian UTM Hotspot vs. Endian Hotspot Only

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 Maintenance & Services

  • Maintenance with Standard level SLA
  • Hot Replacement service with additional fee Included in ACTIVE maintenance
  • Lifelong Hardware warranty
  • Technical support
  • Security updates, certificates, compatibility
  • Improvements & upgrades
  • Eligibility to Loyalty Program


What happens if the max users allowed by my license is exceeded?
As soon as the max number of concurrent connections is reached, any additional user will not be able to log in.

Does the product lock if maintenance subscription is not renewed?
No, it won’t be locked, though all services included in maintenance are no longer available.

My customer has an Endian UTM being used as Hotspot, can I trade it by Loyalty Program?
No, Loyalty Program only applies within the same product family.

Do UTM competitors have a similar solution?
Yes, almost every UTM brand has a WIFI connection functionality, but this is not a major feature and is usually BYOD focused (no social, no hospitality)