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“We keep our clients and their people safe in real time by protecting their business from email and web threats and a whole lot more.”
– MailGuard CEO, Craig McDonald


MailGuard are a privately owned Australian company and a global provider of managed online security solutions. Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, our business is focused on delivering B2B email and web security through the cloud. MailGuard’s vision is to provide peace of mind to our clients by ensuring privacy and security through our suite of cloud security services. MailGuard aims to remain the leader in customer experience and service quality.

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History of MailGuard

MailGuard was founded in 2001 as the response to businesses seeking a simple and inexpensive solution that would conquer the constant flow of unwanted, unsolicited and potentially malicious email content. Recognising the demand for constant and reliable protection, MailGuard pioneered our cutting-edge range of cloud security solutions.

For contemporary companies, email communication is a fundamental and essential part of business functions, development and future prosperity. Highly evolved email and web-borne threats are ever present. In order to remain protected from potential threats such as hacking, malware, phishing scams, spam and cyber fraud, all companies must be proactive in monitoring their mail 24/7. MailGuard dramatically increases clients’ productivity by automating multi-layer security at the internet level before impacting our clients’ infrastructure and their staff inboxes.

MailGuard is the solution to this problem that affects businesses globally. Threats that could potentially ruin reputations and destroy livelihoods.

MailGuard Today

We’ve recorded strong growth in each year of operation, as an increasing number of partners and clients turn to us for the security and trust, embodied in our brand. A key factor to our success is our commitment to in-house Research and Development, and in-house 24/7 support function. Since 2001 we have led the industry in customer service, recording a 98% partner and client retention rate year-on-year. We regularly survey our clients for customer satisfaction, and since 2011 have recorded an industry-leading NPS rating of +64 consistently. In-house support means that our clients and partners enjoy a proactive, responsive and dedicated service. It also allows us to directly feed service suggestions to the development and management teams, helping to ensure the highest quality service.

Trust the Innovators

At the heart of the MailGuard business is our strong focus on innovation. We have continued to introduce a range of new services and enhancements to our existing suite of solutions. Committed to providing world-class management information security, we continue to invest heavily with in-house research and development. This means our clients enjoy the most robust technologies available, and our partners maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. With more than 14 years in the industry, MailGuard not only aims to provide the best products and superior service, we have built our business on providing an exceptional experience through the very best in customer support.

Privacy and Security

MailGuard believe that the protection of our customers’ business, shouldn’t come through the sacrifice of their privacy and security. The privacy and security of our customers is of utmost importance. We never read or scan customer emails for anything other than spam and malware. MailGuard’s filtering service also protects critical messaging infrastructure by using a global filtering network of scalable and redundant data centres, which operate like secure gateways through which all inbound and outbound business communication is filtered.

The MailGuard Edge

The ‘MailGuard Edge’ sets us apart from our competition.

  • Cloud security expertise
  • Products that just work
  • Multi-layered defence filtering
  • A year-on-year 98% partner and client retention rate
  • 100% service uptime and email delivery guarantee
  • Unrivalled in-house 24/7 support boasting an NPS rating of +64
  • Cost effective, fully scalable, future-proofed IT strategy
  • Unified management console: manages all services from a single interface
  • No software, no servers, no maintenance/updates
  • Simple to provision, set and forget solution

MailGuard Testimonials

‘Interaction free, everything runs in the background’ – Porsche Cars Australia

‘A benchmark in this corner of the net is MailGuard’ – Australian Financial Review

‘When you have a bun in the oven, the last thing on your mind is whether your virus definitions are up to date.’ – Bakers Delight

‘We need to be proactive in addressing the goals of the organisation and focus our efforts in this area. AN outsource solution was a clear choice.’ – Zoos Victoria

‘It was our best IT investment’ – Lincraft

‘Your support desk and the guys on it are easily the best support of any spam protection product I’ve ever experienced.’ – TBC Plus IT

‘Your technical support is excellent. The level of service is really outstanding.’ – Bond Lawyers